Campaign for youth engagement to share ideas for a slogan for the 2021 Africa Amnesty Month in Uganda

Friday, September 24, 2021


In the framework of the African Unions “Silencing the Guns in Africa by 2030’ initiative, countries of African Union(AU) committed to declare the month of September- Until 2030- “’ Africa Amnesty Month’’.

Building on the efforts of the September Amnesty Month , the Government of the Republic of Uganda through the Ministry of Internal Affairs with support from Germany intends to implement a Joint AU-UN project on Voluntary Surrender


Project Purpose

The Project is intended to improve public safety by reducing the number of illegal firearms in the hands of Ugandan communities. It seeks to conduct activities foreseen under the Africa Amnesty Month; to engage in public awareness campaigns to effectively educate the people with a view to fully involve all segments of the communities and mobilize their full cooperation and support to encourage voluntary surrender of illegally held small arms and light weapons.  The initiative intends to achieve this by allowing people to hand in illegally possessed firearms without fear of prosecution or any other kind of victimization.

The project also serves as a platform to launch the surrender and collection of illicit weapons and to sensitize communities to voluntarily surrender illegally acquired arms through the support of grassroot leaders, clergy, civil society and non-governmental organizations. The participation of women and youth is particularly encouraged given their important role as peacebuilders in their communities.

Campaign Message proposal:

In 2013, African States collectively agreed to work together to achieve the goal of a conflict free Africa, bringing peace to all our people, to get rid of wars on the continent, civil conflicts, violation of human rights, humanitarian disasters and violent conflicts.

‘’By 2030’’, the States agreed, ‘’all guns should be silent’’.

We need your support to do it!

To help silence the guns, African Union established the ‘’ Africa Amnesty Month’’ in September of each year. During the month weapons can be handed in voluntarily to the national authorities without fear of prosecution or harm. To encourage people to do so, they need to understand why guns are dangerous and why it is necessary for peace and prosperity for all of us to hand them over.

We want to hear from you, why it is important to hand over the guns and to silence them.

Share your ideas for a creative campaign slogan for the Amnesty Month to convince our fellow citizens and silence the guns together.

The competition is open to any young person who is a Ugandan national, aged between 18-25 years and resident of the Uganda. To enter, please submit your contributions to the following email address.

Deadline for the submission of your slogan is 1st November, 2021, at noon.

Please, include a few words about yourself and how you got the idea for the slogan.

The competition will be judged by a panel comprised by a member of the National Small Arms Commission, a member of the African Union Commission, a member of the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, and a member of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA).

The winning slogan will be chosen to run the country-wide Amnesty Month Campaign during the month of September and be featured on T-Shirt prints, banners and local media.

The winner of the best slogan will receive a prize pack including their own T-Shirt as well as other small merchandise and USD 500 prizemoney, the runner-up receives USD 300 and the third prize winner receives a USD 200 reward.

Join the silence the guns in 2021 and let us hear your voice!