Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control

The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control was until recently, a Departmaent under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It has recently acquired autonomous status and is responsible for regulating the travel in and out of Uganda, for both Ugandans and foreigners. It is also in charge of issuing of national identity cards.

The main functions of DCIC include:
a)facilitation of Ugandan nationals traveling in and out of the country;
b)The facilitation of the movement of foreign nationals in and out of Uganda through the issuing of visas;
c)The granting of citizenship to foreigners who wish to become Ugandan citizens, on application to the National Citizenship and Immigration Board;
d)Issuing and control of Ugandan passports;
e)The granting of work permits to foreigners seeking employment and investment opportunities in Uganda;
f)Registering and issuing national identity cards to citizens of Uganda; and
g)Registering and issuing identity cards to foreigners.

Passport Control office: +256-414-342561
Legal Department: +256-414-232573
Immigration Department: +256-414-231641