National Action Plan

The Uganda National Action Plan for Arms Management (NAP) was initially a five year plan that brought together all sectors of Ugandan society in
the efforts to prevent, control and reduce the proliferation of illicit small arms andlight weapons in Uganda, the Great Lakes Region, Horn of Africa
and Bordering States.

The plan was developed through a comprehensive process of research, planning and active engagement of several stakeholders from Government,
Regional and International arms control initiatives in close consultation and collaboration with civil society. This approach to the development and
subsequent implementation of NAP ensured that this initiative is both effective and sustainable in the medium and long term. Implementation
commenced on1st of July 2004.

The Great Lakes Region is at the hub of the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in comparison to Central,and Southern Africa.
For the past fifty years the fallout from decolonisation and the struggle for liberation of African peoples has impacted on security and development in
the region. Compounding this instability have been the proxy wars and political machinations of the Cold War that have been played out on the battlegrounds
and the logistical bases and support mechanisms for these conflicts.

Full Copy of the NAP is attached below