Ministry Votes/Departments

Vote 009: Headquarters

  • National Focal Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons (NFP/SALW)
  • Amnesty Commission (AC)
  • Directorate of National Community Service (NCS)
  • Non Governmental Organizations Bureau (NGO Board)
  • Policy, Planning and support services.

Vote 305: Headquarters: Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory (D/GAL)


 Vote 120: National Citizenship and Immigration Control (NCIC)

  • Office of the Director
  • Department of Citizenship and Passport Control
  • Department of Immigration Control
  • Department of Inspection and Legal Services

 Vote 144: Uganda Police Force (UPF)

  • Directorate of Administration.
  • Directorate of Police Operations
  • Directorate of Criminal Intelligence and Investigations
  • Directorate of Counter Terrorism (former Special Branch)
  • Directorate of Human Resource Management and Development
  • Directorate of Logistics and Engineering
  • Directorate of Interpol and Peace Support Operations
  • Directorate of Information and Communication Technology
  • Directorate of Political Commissariat
  • Directorate of Research, Planning and Development
  • Kampala Metropolitan Police

 Vote 145: Uganda Prisons Service (UPS)

  • Directorate of Correctional Services
  • Directorate of Prisons Administration.


Diretory of the Ministry

Minister:                                                                                                                   General    Jeje Odongo

Minister of State:                                                                                                       Hon.  Kania Obiga

Permanent Secretary                                                                                                  Benon Mutambi

Under Secretary:                                                                                                        Aggrey Wunyi

Director Government Analytical Laboratory                                                              Kepher Kuchana

Director Citizenship and Immigration Control                                                         Wanzira sasagha

Ag.Director National Community Service:                                                                 Paul Kintu

Ag Executive Director NGO Bureau                                                                           Stephen Okello

Coordinator National Focal Point:                                                                             Okello Makmot

Commissioner Passport Control:                                                                               Nicholas Ongodia

Commissioner Immigration Control:                                                                         Anthony Namara

Commissioner Legal and Inspection Services:                                                           Ali Ekwang Josephine Apili



Allied Institutions

Inspector General of Police                                                                                          Kale Kaihura

Inspector General of Prisons                                                                                       Dr. Byabashaija

Executive Director National Identification Registration Authority                              Judy Obtre-Gama