Monday, May 8, 2017

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Internal Affairs, Dr. Benon M. Mutambi has this morning held a meeting with top police management at the Police Headquaters in Naguru aimed at familiarizing himself with the operations of the force. Dr. Mutambi was welcomed to the Police Headquaters by the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mr. Okoth Ochola, after which the meeting attended by all the Directors of Police commenced. The Director Research and Planning AIGP Edward Ochom made a presentation on the Organisation status of Uganda Police Force where he gave a synopsis of Uganda Police from 1906 when it was started by the colonial government to present day (2017) with over 40,000 personnel. Police has since 2006 embarked on an ICT transformation with ICT platforms such as CCTV, Radio Communication System and the Express Penalty scheme that have come in handy in improving all aspects of Policing. Among the highlights in the counter-terrorism efforts of police has been the neutralizing of 15 terror threats in the last three years. The Police Canine Services has also greatly contributed to the success of police work work and has a 60% success rate and coverage of 60 Districts. Other areas where Police has made progress include Fire and Emergency Rescue Services, improving Public Order Policing, community policing and police cooperation with various International bodies. Police has also enhanced its Marine Unit and in a partnership with the Iranian Government is finalizing the construction of a 20 bed poly clinic and also plans to construct a 20 bed multi-specialty day care center.

A key highlight was the JLOS Performance Report 2015/2016 that ranked the Uganda Police Force 1st in East Africa and 12th in Africa in criminal investigations Some of the key challenges faced by police include inadequate funding, poor remuneration of personnel, and lack of adequate accommodation for its human resource as well as the porous borders in the fight against terrorism. Police also faces high costs for managing its equipment, low ICT penetration, man power gaps, undefined medical scheme and inadequate specialties especially in fields such as Forensic Science, ballistics and aircraft engineering among others. The Permanent Secretary expressed his gratitude to the Police leadership for meeting and sharing the experiences and performance of Uganda Police Force with him. He told them that it is yet another lesson in his quest to fully acquaint himself with the Ministry. He urged police to ensure that all the good work they do is publicized so that the agenda is not merely set by the main stream media that is usually more interested in the negative stories. He urged police to ensure that they carry out Staff satisfaction, as well as Stakeholder Holder Satisfaction surveys to learn more about how it is perceived both by police personnel and other stakeholders. He also urged police to ensure cooperation with other related agencies such as the Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory and to ensure that the Vision and Mission of Police is very well understood and appreciated by the police personnel to a larger extent and the general public.