National Action Plan

Illicit proliferation of small arms and light weapons represents a direct threat to pillars of democracy and development of Uganda, and the Great Lakes Region, Horn of Africa and Bordering States as a whole. Small arms are responsible for escalating and sustaining conflict, and abetting terrorism and other serious crime.Within the Great lakes Region and Horn of Africa, many lives have been lost, communities destroyed and economic activities disrupted as a result of presence of illegal Small Arms.
Government of Uganda is committed to providing long lasting peace and stability to all her citizens and residents. Ensuring elements of good governance is a key to sustained economic development and prosperity.
Uganda is already addressing the problem of Small Arms Proliferation through not only assenting to the various international and regional treaties and protocols (UN Programme of Action, the Nairobi Declaration, Nairobi Protocol, Bamako Declaration) but also through various initiatives and programmes that have focused on three main result areas;
1. Control and management of existing stocks of Small Arms 2. Reduction of excess volumes of Small Arms and Light Weapons 3. Prevention of proliferation of Small Arms
These efforts have been undertaken through a collaborativeframework that supports not only national activities but also regional and international cooperation. TheUganda National Action Plan on Small Arms and Light Weapons (NAP) enshrines the commitment by Government of Uganda to take concrete steps to tackle the problem in all its aspects.
The Government of Uganda recognises the positive role played byCivil Society Organisations and development partners in complementing government to promote effective action to enhance human security and to curb the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons. In this regard, the Government of Uganda would like to thank the Government of The Royal Netherlands Kingdom, the East African Community, RegionalCentre on Small Arms, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), German International Cooperation (GIZ) and SaferWorld. Government will continue to encourage and facilitate the participation of Civil Society and calls upon international partners to continue with the cooperation and support in the implementation of the NAP.

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