Welcome Message

Welcome, to our Ministry’s website. This website is aimed at informing you about the various services offered by the Ministry in addition to informing you on any developments in the area of the internal security of the country. The website also offers you an opportunity to access all information from various departments/directorates as well as an opportunity to download some of the application forms that will enable you access some of the services the Ministry offers.The Ministry of Internal Affairs is made up of Departments and Directorates of which each plays a vital role in the overall responsibilities of the Ministry,

The main Directorates include:    

  • The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control
  • Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratories

Departments include:

  • Finance and Administration
  • National Community Service Programme
  • National Focal Point for Small Arms and Light Weapons
  • NGO Bureau
  • Amnesty Commission

Allied Institutions

Allied Institutions

  • Inspector General of Police                                                                                          
  • Inspector General of Prisons                                                                                    
  • Executive Director National Identification Registration Authority