National Policy on control of Arms and Ammunitions

In 2005 the National Focal Point created the Policy Drafting Committee (PDC) with the mandate to draft the Policy document, facilitate consultations, edit the draft and incorporate comments from consultation process, and prepare the final draft for submission to NSC and subsequently to Cabinet. Membership of Policy Drafting Committee consisted of representatives from Police, Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF), Internal Security Organisation (ISO), External Security Organisation (ESO), Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (including First Parliamentary Council, Uganda Law Reform Commission), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of the Prime Minister, Customs
 Department of Uganda Revenue Authority, Immigration Department of the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration, and civil society organizations (People with Disabilities and Ugandan Joint Christian Council)

The Policy was developed through a process of broad consultation with a range of stakeholders including government and law enforcement officials, representatives of business and industry (including the arms industry and private security industry), sports and hunting clubs, and civil society representatives. This consultation process has served to raise  awareness on the issue of firearms and the development of the national Policy. It has also provided stakeholders with an opportunity to input into the contents of the Policy, thus ensuring that the Policy reflects the needs and priorities of a range of stakeholders and accurately reflects the needs and context within the country.

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